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Shake Shack: do I really need to explain?

shake shack

I’m not a burger connoisseur. And I can confidently say that unless I’m hungover, it rarely ever occurs to me to open up a menu and order a juicy, meaty hamburger. But ever since I waited in line at Shake Shack for an hour and got so hungry and light-headed that I had to give up to search for something I could eat IMMEDIATELY, I’ve been craving the juicy burger I was so close to having like no other.

Fortunately this week, my college friend and burger-lover Ashley was in town with quite the eating list to tackle. Shake Shack naturally made the top of the list, so we decided to wait in the infamous (yet MUCH shorter than it used to be) line for the whole burger sha-bang. Since I’m such a burger novice, I still hadn’t figured out if I like my burger with or without cheese. This time, I tried the Shack burger without, and piled it high with tomato, lettuce, onions and ketchup. This combination is my new go-to, because the patty on its own is decadent enough – the cheese would have masked its crispy, seared outside and intense flavor. Whereas at In-N-Out, the real standout of the burger is the thick cut tomato, onion and soft toasted bun, at Shake Shack, it’s all about the meat and soft potato bun, which are the ingredients that in my opinion really matter. I’m craving another one as we speak.


Ash Bash super excited for what’s about to go down

The fries were nothing sort of awesome. The jagged shape creates lots of crispy edges surrounding a fluffy potato center. They’re clean-cut and not too greasy, and actually quite good inside the burger itself.

Since the custard flavor of the day was chocolate chip cookie, I obviously couldn’t resist, but I was disappointed by the soupey texture. It should have been dense and cold, yet instead it turned out to be melted with lumps of chocolate. The flavors were there, but they need to repair their machine at this location.

Overall, I am oh-so happy I finally can check this burger off my list of must-dos before the dreaded NYC move.

Grade: B+ overall due to melted frozen custard, but the burger was amazing
Location: Multiple


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Sugar Surge: Shake Shack Frozen Custard

I was in denial for weeks, but I now can sadly admit that my only friend from college in New York City is moving back to San Francisco. The only silver lining of this depressing news is that said friend Ashley is hugely food obsessed and has invited me to take the New York restaurant scene by the horns to aggressively tackle her must-eats list before leaving. This weekend, we had a chance to check a few off with a Market Table dinner, a Jane brunch, a Calexico Taco, and most importantly, a Shake Shack Frozen Custard. The flavor of the day was Pumpkin Pie, but we also couldn’t resist our own creation of chocolate cookie dough and peanut butter. Sadly, they forgot the cookie dough and mistakingly added a swirl of fudge making it overly mono-consistent. Same story with the Pumpkin Pie. I was hoping for chunks of pie crust, but instead got a smooth mix of Thanksgiving flavor. The treat was not bad by any means, it just wasn’t what the long line implied it to be. In fact, I think I’d prefer 16 handles…

Conclusion: go to Shake Shack for the burgers, despite the namesake. Ice cream aside, the walk through Madison Square Park with my long time friend Ash made it worth it. Our next stop? Hearth this Friday. Stay tuned…

Grade: B+
Location: Multiple

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