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Pio Pio

peruvian chicken

It’s so refreshing to come across a deal for good quality food in New York. My fellow Semester at Sea-ers have been raving about Pio Pio for years now, but it took my friend breaking up with her boyfriend to get me to the uptown location near her house to console her over peruvian chicken and avocado. Our conversation ended up migrating from the philosophical topic of young relationships to the ridiculous amounts of chicken, rice, beans, fresh salad, tostones, and sausage that lay before us – the Matador combo for under $30. The only thing we needed double portions of was the addictive green avocado sauce – magic with the fries.

spicy green sauce

the spread

The chicken here is incredibly flavorful, and the amount and variety of food for the dollar is unbeatable. And for such a value, the space has atmosphere. It’s surprisingly clean, perfectly civil, and a great backdrop for a dinner date with a glass of wine. The only downfall is the lack of cocktails, but that’s an afterthought when you’re eating marinated chicken and fried plantains. Fortunately, there are multiple locations to get your fix!

Grade: A-
Location: multiple in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx


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