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Chelsea Market Adventures: Amy’s Bread ham & cheddar biscuit

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Yes, I just went grocery shopping, and yes, I work across the street from Chelsea Market, but I trekked there today anyway for a little get-out-of-bed Sunday adventure. I awoke this morning with my stomach grumbling for a savory breakfast, so I headed straight to the Market’s Amy’s Bread where the sandwich selection is right up my alley – pre-mades with a variety of breads, cheeses, and meats in all shapes (from rolls to skinny baguettes) and sizes (from mini to massive). I generally go for the hummus veggie on wheat or the mozzarella and tomato on olive bread, but today I pointed right to the ham and cheese biscuit enticingly glistening in the display case. The second the server relinquished control, I took it out of the bag and chomped right into it. The verdict? Thick-cut ham sandwiched between two slices of sharp cheddar and a cheddar-speckled biscuit feels like a brick in my stomach, but is pretty hard to beat on a day that launches in hunger. The biscuit is perfectly doughy, warm and crisp on the outside, and the little nugget of a sandwich is thankfully easy to eat. It may just be my new favorite.

grilled biscuit

grilled biscuit

Grade: A+
Location: Multiple


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Amy’s Bread: Chocolate Cherry Bread

I rarely write about a single item, but when I’m that impressed, the world (slash my several loyal readers) need to know. So it’s Friday night, I left work around 7pm and after a rushed minute gym session I decided to search for food in Chelsea market to launch into my evening hanging solo at mi casa. After weeks of travel, and before another trip to California coming up this Sunday, I am looking forward to nothing more than doing absolutely nothing. After strolling through each little shop ravenous, I stopped into Amy’s Bread to explore the carb options given my sudden withdrawal after my week of bread baskets. There in the display lay three dark brown, soft, chocolatey rolls calling my name. I hadn’t eaten dinner, and I hadn’t had a sip of water at the gym, but something convinced me that buying the cherry-chocolate roll and eating it in the store in my gym clothes was acceptable.

These rolls are the ultimate sweet and bitter, earthy chocolate treat. Amy’s knows just how to make a luxurious dough – perfectly dense, fluffy, and soft to encase slightly melted chunks of high quality dark chocolate and juicy plump dried cherries. One bite of this is heaven. Less rich than a brioche or a croissant, I’d take this over France’s pain au chocolate any day.

Grade: A
Location: Multiple
Website: http://www.amysbread.com

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Pumpkin Pecan Knots at Amy’s Bread

the beautiful loaves of knots

I can’t say it enough – Amy’s Bread is by far the best Bakery in New York City. I don’t know what I did in my past life to deserve working directly above it…but then again, I’m not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. When the scents of baked bread and cupcakes waft up to my cubicle, I rarely can fight the urge to go down and see what’s baking.

I’ve promised myself that instead of going there every time I want something (as in, everyday), I can only go on a special occasion. When my colleague enthusiastically announced that her daughter got into preschool this afternoon, I knew the only thing that could truly express my team’s excitement for her was baked goods from Amy’s Bread. Her lucky day suddenly turned into mine!

The Doughy Knot

Amy’s Bread has specialty items that only come out once a year. The Pumpkin Pecan Knots are so good that I have anticipated the Fall more than any other season since I first tried them three years ago. I decided to get a round for the team, and even though we divided it into 8 individual wedges, the bread is so soft and buttery that it could easily be pulled apart with our hands. It has the perfect amount of sugar, doughiness, and crustiness to make it one of the best challah-like breads I have ever tasted. It is delicate yet dense, subtly sweet, and perfectly chewy. I can’t say the word perfect enough.

Make it a priority to stop by Amy’s Bread before the end of the season – If you have a chance to try it before it sells out, you will definitely become an addict of this Pumpkin Pecan Bread.

Grade: A+

Location: Chelsea Market

Website: http://www.amysbread.com

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