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Brunch at Casa

outside Casa - like a little Brazilian home

Considering my upcoming trip to Brazil (yes, I am going to Brazil for two months!), I decided to make a brunch reservation at a West Village’s Brazilian hot spot, Casa. Though Casa is forced to compete with its next-door-world famous neighbor Little Owl, it has garnered a well-deserved reputation as some of the best home-style Brazilian food in the city.

With white lace place settings, wooden furniture, and Brazilian photos and art adorning the wall, Casa has created a very homey, quaint environment for its patrons. And as I sat for brunch this afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of Portuguese and Spanish-speaking diners. I love at restaurants frequented by the nationality the restaurant represents. It’s almost like a pat on the back that I made the right choice.

My two girlfriends and I started off with fried empanadas with cheese and hearts of palm. The hot pastry delicately encased the thin layers of cheese and marinated hearts of palm, and paired with the bright and fresh green chili sauce, was definitely a step above the Mexican equivalent of a traditional quesadilla.

Lone Empanada Soldier (after the rest was torn apart by us vultures)

For my main course, I kept it simple with the Ovos Com Linguiça, Batatas Assadas E Salada Verde, which is essentially the Brazilian version of eggs any style. But unlike a typical American diner, Casa included salad, hearts of palm, potatoes and brazilian sausage. The Brazilian sausage was a little on the greasier side, but a great salty side with the simple eggs and potatoes.

beautiful eggs and Brazilian sausage

My favorite, however, was Lauren’s Empadão De Frango Com Palmito E Salada Verde, a Brazilian take on quiche with a generous filling of hearts of palm and chicken. The pie shell was dense, buttery, and rich like a perfect pot pie shell should be, and the shredded chicken and hearts of palm filling was bursting with flavor. Beautifully paired with a lightly dressed green salad, this was definitely a guilt free cure for a hang over.

Look at that crust!!

Service overall was great, and when we were given hot buttered rolls mid-meal, my rating for Casa shot through the roof. I’ll definitely be back for dinner when I’m hankering for an atypical New York scene: unpretentious, warm and welcoming, and straight forward, homestyle food.

Grade: A-

Location: 72 Bedford Street at Commerce Street



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