Erin A La Carte

Hello! Welcome to Erin A La Carte, a place where you can read, learn and fantasize about food with me by your side. The original purpose of my blog was to provide a practical opinion on New York restaurants to ease the fears of those overwhelmed by the thought of choosing their next meal out. Over time, and after a cross-country to move to San Francisco and an upcoming move to Singapore, my blog has evolved to feature stories and findings from my meals around the world. I love to document the noteworthy meals and treats to share my life experiences through the thing I love most.

What’s my food cred? I love to eat, try new restaurants, and cook, but mostly I love to explore new food businesses.  As a kid, my favorite shows and movies revolved around food scenes (pizza parties on the Ninja Turtles, the waffle scene in All Dogs Go To Heaven). I pick my vacation destination based on restaurants. I look forward to my breakfast before falling asleep. Having grown up in the food mecca of San Francisco with parents who are just as obsessed with mealtime as I am, I have no choice but to eat my way through life (and document it for you). And after a 2 month internship at Eataly in New York City, I am fully committed to building a career in food in some shape or form (TBD – ask me after business school in 2015).

I hope to be a resource for those who find navigating the food world intimidating – because, even as the food adventurer I am, I too can become exhausted at the thought of choosing restaurants. Here’s to making memories you will always associate with deliciousness.

My Daily Reads

I never let a day pass before skimming the various food publications that motivate me to write, cook, be creative, spend my savings on eating out, and live life to the fullest through my food adventures. Below are some of my frequent inspirations, as well as crucial sources of info:

SeriousEats – A picture-focused food publication with routine columns ranging from “Sandwich a Day” to “Smorgas Board”

Eater NY – A New York-centric food blog with regular, trusty restaurant reviews

Grub Street – The only blog I receive in my email inbox, it filters the most noteworthy food news of the day

Martha Stewart – Martha has been an inspiration to me since I was 10 years old. I visit this site for baking (all of her recipes are fool-proof and kitchen tested) and decorating ideas, especially around the holidays.

The Pioneer Woman – A site that quickly grew from tiny recipe blog to developed content platform for all things home-making

NYC Foodie – A blog by a man who has devoted his  life to dining and reviewing in New York City

Epicurious – Wonderful online recipe Bible with lengthy, educated reviews

Yelp – Though the reviews are sometimes rigged, this site is my first resort when looking for photos of food to gauge a restaurant’s style

MenuPages – Not only is this a one stop shop for menus, its “similar restaurant” list is amazingly resourceful and great idea generator when you want something close, but not identical to a restaurant you love

Runway Hippie – After close inspection you’ll realize this is everything but a food blog. However, its consistent gorgeous photos, tastefulness, and quirky posts keep me coming back for more


2 responses to “Erin A La Carte

  1. Hi Erin!

    Your blog looks so good. I love the navigation at the top and also the nav by geography. This is brilliant. I hope you keep it up!

    I especially like the pics of delicious things.

    I’d recommend that you blog about the korean place we go to in the near future. I hope it is a gastronomic bonanza.

  2. Jessica

    One of the best food blogs on the web!!

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