Copita: modern Mexican in Sausalito


Love Mexican food. My last meal on earth would be a Gordo’s chicken burrito, sour cream on the side. So when my friend Gillian spontaneously suggested going to Mexican restaurant Copita last night to celebrate some good news, I said Heck Yes!

Given the plethora of restaurants to explore in SF, I pretty much only venture out to Sausalito if I’m with Gillian. That said, I always have memorable food experiences when I cross the bridge. From Sushi Ran to Poggio, Sausalito is home to a good bundle of food-focused restaurants that peer onto the gorgeous bay area skyline.

Copita, with its inviting open air entrance, fits the trend. Gill and I sat at the bar where the Columbian bartender gave us his undivided attention and accommodated our requests for a non-sweet margarita (me) and a non-tequila cocktail (Gillian). Both, served over 1 massive ice cube, were perfection. The guacamole, made fresh with flavorful Californian avocados, wasn’t as chunky as I like it but definitely delicious. The standout, however, were the chicken tinga tacos – roasted chicken, avocado, tomatoes, and crema wrapped in warm corn tortillas. It was such a relief to find crema, not aioli, in my taco to balance out the spice, and the roasted chicken was a standout in terms of flavor, just like what you can find in the chicken tacos at La Canasta. The huarache de milpa, vegetables with heirloom tomato salsa, queso fresco and pickled onions piled atop a thick round of masa with black bean puree, was a creative alternative to a vegetarian taco. Thought it needed a heavier dosage of queso fresco, I still loved the mixture of fresh cherry tomatoes and managed to eat every last crumb on my plate.

marg perfection

marg perfection

beautiful chicken tinga tacos

beautiful chicken tinga tacos

veggie taco

veggie taco

Food aside, Copita does a great job of creating a warm, feel-good environment, especially with the wood-fire oven behind the bar and festive Mexican tile on the walls. I’d say it’s definitely a go-to spot for those in Marin seeking a more upscale Mexican experience, but for those who want down-home greasy Mexican, head to Lucinda’s instead.

Grade: A-
Location: 739 Bridgeway Street


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