Chelsea Market Adventures: Amy’s Bread ham & cheddar biscuit

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Yes, I just went grocery shopping, and yes, I work across the street from Chelsea Market, but I trekked there today anyway for a little get-out-of-bed Sunday adventure. I awoke this morning with my stomach grumbling for a savory breakfast, so I headed straight to the Market’s Amy’s Bread where the sandwich selection is right up my alley – pre-mades with a variety of breads, cheeses, and meats in all shapes (from rolls to skinny baguettes) and sizes (from mini to massive). I generally go for the hummus veggie on wheat or the mozzarella and tomato on olive bread, but today I pointed right to the ham and cheese biscuit enticingly glistening in the display case. The second the server relinquished control, I took it out of the bag and chomped right into it. The verdict? Thick-cut ham sandwiched between two slices of sharp cheddar and a cheddar-speckled biscuit feels like a brick in my stomach, but is pretty hard to beat on a day that launches in hunger. The biscuit is perfectly doughy, warm and crisp on the outside, and the little nugget of a sandwich is thankfully easy to eat. It may just be my new favorite.

grilled biscuit

grilled biscuit

Grade: A+
Location: Multiple


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