Chelsea Market Adventures: Carla Hall Petite Cookies

timthumbGiven that one of my favorite pastimes is perusing Chelsea Market for a treat on my way home from work, I’ve decided to launch a recurring “Chelsea Market Adventures” post to feature a new tasty food item from one of the market’s many amazing purveyors. In honor of my Zagat Cookie post this week, today we’re talking about Carla Hall Petite Cookies, smaller-than-bite-size cookies in a dainty cylindrical container. I found these amidst the boat-loads of cookie varietals in my beloved Chelsea Market Baskets, a store that has every specialty food item you could ever imagine. The cookies come in unique sweet and savory flavors – oatmeal with white chocolate and cherries, cheddar pecan, Hawaiian wedding to name a few – and they’re the genius solution to my usual craving for “just a taste” of something sweet throughout the day. After popping more than a few of these almond-ginger nuggets in my mouth, I have no doubt this new venture will be successful. They’re dense, buttery, crunchy, subtly sweet and a perfect topping on ice cream – just the kind of cookie I like.

photo (2)

tiny little buggers!

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