Featured Post: Cheeseboy in Boston

cheeseboy stand

When I was a senior in high school I wrote an essay on the art of making the perfect grilled cheese. Well, after eating a Cheeseboy Grilled Cheese in Boston’s South Station, I realized I didn’t know as much about grilling cheese sandwiches as I had thought. Cheeseboy has the simplest ordering process possible: pick your bread, your favorite cheese, and add one of a few vegetable options. They grill to order, and serve in a miniature pizza delivery box that keeps the sandwich neat and structured.

the box

With golden brown bread, crispy crust, subtly sharp cheese, and one big tomato slice, my grilled cheese concoction at Cheeseboy turned out to be the best I’ve ever had.

the masterpiece

It might be the running wheel of melted butter brushed against every bread slice, or the hefty panini press that makes this sandwich so perfect. Whatever the reason, I will gladly replace my routine Cosi sandwiches with these treasures for all future 3.5 hour train rides from Boston.

Grade: A+

Location: Boston’s South Station

Website: http://www.cheeseboy.com


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One response to “Featured Post: Cheeseboy in Boston

  1. jonathan bellsey

    Any with meat? Speaking for your carnivore readers, I’m getting a little weary of all the veggie combos. How about adding some cow, pig or chicken once in a while just for us?

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